Monday, January 28, 2013

Relaying Postfix through AuthSMTP on an alternate port

AuthSMTP is an authenticated SMTP relay service that you can use with web applications or any situation you need to send outbound e-mail. Because it is an authenticated service it is a little trickier to configure Postfix to relay through their service. I found this post really helpful in configuring the sasl options but one thing I couldn't find a clear answer on was how to use a port other than 25 for the relay host. AuthSMTP offers alternative ports (23, 26, 2525) for SMTP because some ISP's block port 25. To use an alternative port just put a colon after the host name and add the port number. Like this (in

relayhost =

The entry in your sasl-passwords file must match the relayhost name like this: username:secretpassword

Just a quick tip about something that wasn't obvious to me and hopefully this helps out someone else.