Monday, March 18, 2013

Template Nagios check for a JSON web service

I wrote two different custom Nagios checks for work last week and realized I could make a useful template out of them. After writing the first check I was able to reuse most of the code for the second check. The only changes I had to make had to do with the data returned. So I decided to make this into a generic template that I can reuse in the future. The check first verifies that the web service is responding correctly and then checks various data returned in JSON format.  While writing this template I found this really cool service ( that let me code against a service available to anyone who wants to try out this Nagios check before customizing it. This is the first time I have used Python's argparse function and I have to say it is fantastic. It makes adding command line arguments very easy and the result is professional looking.

My github repo can be found here:

Here is the code in a gist:

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